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Personal coaching is about your growth and success

We offer services that focus on the relationships between family, friends, home owner, buyers, and realtors.

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$499 Six Coaching Sessions

Real Estate Coaching Services

  • Single Coaching Session$99.00
  • Six Coaching Sessions$499.00

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Why Coaching?

Coaching is Goal driven completely guided by you. You will choose coaching when you are ready to grow exponentially. You have noticed that there are situations, occurances, and emotions that continue to circle round and round. Coaching can help you to identify, grow, and overcome these ruts that seem to suck you in.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a specialization that helps people find greater fulfillment in life and relationship. A relationship coach works with you to set and achieve goals. Relationship coaches also assist creating new understandings, deeper connections, and building toolsets to get you to the next level.

Coaching is primarily focused on the understanding of your experience and the questions of what/how can we help you grow. This focus allows deep connection to the inner you that has struggled to show up.

Relationship coaches focus on the primary relationship within you. This focus allows you to grow in any capacity or means that you desire. Coaches can even help you stay on track with your plan and support you during challenge.

Relationship coaches, just like life coaches, work with dedicated people to set goals and build a plan. Then, coaching sessions dissect challenges, frustrations, and offer tools, practice, modeling, and a good dose of challenge and support to work through it.

Communication Toolbox

Be prepared for any type of conversation! Examples of communicating and negotiating more effectively for desired results.

Determine your Goals

This is Coaching. Your goals, your life, your challenges. We work towards results that you want.

Have Flexibility

Remember that feeling of having NO Options? Coaching will empower you so that you always have options

Increase Satisfaction

Your clients won't stop talking about how great you are. Whats better than having happy clients that love saying great things about you?

Whats the Process?

Step 1 - Enrollment Process

Sign up for your first session. The sign up process requires you to complete the following items.

  • Submit the Order Request
  • Check email and respond to the application
  • Complete your payment agreement
  • Schedule your first Session

Step 2 - Your first Session

Your first session will be our introduction and be the baseline for establishing our session expectations. We will dive straight in to what is important to you, areas you are feeling challenged, and the areas of my expertise that can be of use.

In your first session we will work towards these main points:

  • Establish Rapport
  • Create context for our sessions
  • Identify Challenges/Areas for growth
  • Outline and Set Goals
  • Intention and Attention FOCUS
  • Set Action Items for the week
  • Set a time for next Session

Step 3 - Goal Oriented Growth

This process is all about growth! We will put the work in and it will be challenging. Each session we will refocus on whats current for you. I will be available for support and answering questions during the week if they come up.

Remember watching someone learn something new? Riding a bike? Skiing? Jumping a skateboard? Learning something new is all about a process of seeking, learning, practicing, identifying, practicing, and mastering.

We will put the work in, spend the time, retain the focus, and execute practice with full attention and intention.

Single Session $129

Single Session

Some clients are challenging. Offer them indirect support in the form of personal coaching to ease their nerves.
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Coaching Package $499

Personal Coaching Package

6 sessions focused on your growth edge and the challenges that you want to overcome. Each session is approximately 50 minutes.
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Team Coaching $999

2 hour group seminar

The team coaching seminar starts with a 30 minute interview to identify key components of growth and focus. We then custom design the 2 hour period to include sections of meterial.
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Group coaching and Individual coaching services.

We provide high impact training to individuals and teams that are looking for that edge of growth.

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What does a relationship coach do?

A relationship coach is someone who supports individuals and couples in learning vital skills for relating, especially in marriages and romantic partnerships. Relationship coaches teach you to develop conflict resolution skills and offer tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure. A relationship coach at work with a couple.

  • How to communicate in a way that leads to feeling heard, understood and validated
  • How to rebuild trust, safety, and security in your relationship
  • How to stop blaming others so you can work to overcome conflict
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and dysfunctional dynamics
  • How to make decisions together as a team
  • How to create more connection and have more FUN
  • How attachment style impacts your perception about others
  • How to feel more comfortable being vulnerable and open with others
  • How to identify and receive what others are trying to say
  • How to identify and evalute key behaviors that you'll want to avoid

Personal Coaching

Through a process of concise feedback, useful tools, and trial and error practices, coaching helps everyone involved.

Benefits of engaged coaching

  • Increase in Confidence
  • Giving valuable feedback
  • Increased capacity for specific situations/reactions
  • Practicing vulnerability
  • Increasing empathy
  • Trust building knowledge
  • Helping you deal with disappointment
  • Practices to deepen attachment
  • Insights on boundaries and respect
  • Power of reframing
  • Empowerment and Life Authorship
  • Identifying and communicating expectations and requests

Improve well-being and strengthen Mental Fitness

With a personal coach, you are not alone! From managing stress and anxiety to finding work-life balance, confidence, and purpose, coaching brings support where you need it most.

Career Development

Learn the Personal tools to make your career thrive. We focus on communication, leadership, life value, listening, and negotiation tactics.

Client Communication

Requirements for starting a coaching program:

You must be motivated to grow. Growth comes from considering feedback without hesitation and getting outside of your comfort zone to taking action.

You must be ready for reflective and constructive feedback. Sometimes this means letting go of what you think you know and opening your mind to transformation.

You must be willing to invest in yourself. This program is not cheap. Are you ready to invest your hard earned money, your time, and your attention into the process of growth? If you don’t value this area of your life enough to invest in it, you probably don’t realize the value in it. What would you give to no longer repeat the same arguments over and over again? How much time could you save if you stopped engaging in the same dysfunctional dynamics that only waste your precious time, energy and love? To feel more trusting and secure in your relationship?

Single Session $99

90 minutes for clarity, confidence, and empowerment

Have you noticed a increase in your stress levels? Do you find yourself having a repeating conversation in your head preparing for an argument? Or, perhaps you have identified a certain thing that seems to be holding you back? A single session is a great opportunity to dig deep, and to get the support you need to overcome your hold up.

Coaching Package $499

Success starts with mindset.

You are ready for the next level. You are striving to achieve your best. Your best is a daily achievement mixed with tasks, goals, balance, challenge, growth, and rest. Together we will outline achievable goals, and identify some of the things that seem to be in the way. Through the Co-Active coaching approach you will gain insight, confidence, and clarity that will ultimately catapult you.

Group Coaching $999

Build your team for achieving high-value results

Coaching can identify team development needs and guide your team through internal and external influences that often inhibit achievement of desired outcomes. We focus on the relationship and communication aspects both of the individual, as well as the organization.

Coaching Package
Team Coaching
Value Factors
Goal Setting
Communication Basics
Being Heard
Identify Importance
Reflection Technique 1
Deeper Listening
Presentation Skills
Conflict Opportunity